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Baltimore City Liquor License Board

Mission of the Board of Liquor License Commissioners

The Board of Liquor License Commissioners is an agency of the State responsible for regulating the sale, storage, and distribution of retail alcoholic beverages in Baltimore City.


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Notice: Special Ad

Petitions have been filed by the following applicants for licenses to sell alcoholic beverages at the premises set opposite their respective names.  The real property for these applications will be posted on Monday, October 6, 2014. Written protests concerning any application will be accepted until and including the time of the hearing.  Public hearings will be held on or after October 16, 2014. Interested parties should contact the office of the Board, 231 E. Baltimore Street, 6th Floor, Baltimore, Maryland 21202 or by calling (410) 396-4380 to determine the exact time and date that a particular application will be considered by the Board.  Written protests will be acknowledged by the Board and such protestants will be notified as to the date, time and place of the hearing.


Promenade Venture, LLC
Alexander Smith
New license with live entertainment
and outdoor table service
200 International Drive

Postponement Requests:

POSTPONEMENT requests must be received via e-mail, fax, or regular mail.

All postponement requests must be addressed to the Executive Secretary of the Liquor Board Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth, and received in this office NO LATER than Monday, 4:30pm, of the week of the scheduled hearing.

In conjunction with a formal written request a representative of the party requesting the postponement must appear before the Board, in-person, to substantiate the request on the day of the public hearing at City Hall.


The Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City was created by Act of the State Legislature after the repeal of the Volstead Act in 1933. Prior to Prohibition, alcoholic beverage licenses were issued directly by the Clerk of what was then referred to as the Court of Common Pleas. There was little intervention on the part of the public, zoning or other authorities, and alcoholic beverage licenses were routinely issued as in the case of Trader's Licenses, marriage licenses, etc.

When the Volstead Act was repealed, it became apparent that appropriate controls and licensing of alcoholic beverages at the retail level were necessary in the State of Maryland to insure public safety. Boards of Liquor License Commissioners were, therefore, created in all of the political sub-divisions in the State of Maryland by act of the Maryland General Assembly. Article 2B of the Annotated Code of Maryland was the enabling legislation and remains as the alcoholic beverage statute for the State of Maryland. There have been many changes in the law since 1933, and at each session of the Maryland General Assembly, new laws and statutes are introduced and passed which affect the operation of alcoholic beverage establishments in Baltimore City and throughout the State of Maryland.

The Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City is an agency of the State. Every two years, the Governor, with the advice and consent of the City Senators, appoints three individuals to serve as Commissioners on the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City, one of whom is designated as the Chairman. As a body, the Board administers the statutes, laws, ordinances and its own Rules and Regulations regarding the operation of alcoholic beverage establishments in Baltimore City. Currently, there are approximately 1,470 alcoholic beverage establishments in Baltimore City which is a reduction from the approximately 2,200 licenses there were in 1968.


  • Honorable Thomas Ward , Chairman
  • Harvey E. Jones, Commissioner
  • Dana P. Moore, Commissioner


Liquor License Board
231 E. Baltimore St.
6th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 396-4377
Fax: (410) 396-4382

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