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Safer City Baltimore


The SaferCity campaign is a coalition of Maryland business, community, faith, government and institutional leaders led by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to advocate for positive change in Maryland's Criminal Justice System to make Baltimore Safer. The SaferCity campaign is bounded by a simple statement of core principles:

  • We will not tolerate illegal guns in Baltimore and Maryland.
  • We demand and expect tough penalties for repeat violent offenders that use illegal guns.
  • We support innovative, effective use of technology that increases public safety.

Legislation proposed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will, if enacted by the General Assembly, help prevent and reduce future crimes of violence and send a strong message that illegal guns will not be tolerated in Maryland. The individuals most likely to commit violent crimes will serve longer sentences when convicted for possessing a loaded, illegal gun. Attacking gun crime means cracking down on illegal guns and arresting, prosecuting and putting in prison criminals who carry and use guns. Learn the facts about illegal guns and why tougher penalties for illegal gun possession can help.

One City administration proposal, SB239 / HB252 would create a minimum sentence of 18 months for all defendants arrested with an illegal, loaded firearm. The other City administration proposal, SB240 / HB241 would strengthen sentencing options for felons in possession of guns by creating a tougher sentencing range of 5 years minimum to 15 years maximum, giving judges more sentencing options when faced with a repeat gun offender.

Illegal Guns Fact Sheet

In 2010, Baltimore experienced declines in several serious crime categories including homicides, shootings and overall gun crime. Homicides, down 6% in 2010, reached the lowest level since 1985, juvenile homicides and shootings are down 35% and overall gun crime is down 16% over 2009. This is not a cause for celebration — it is a call for further action. Join Mayor Rawlings-Blake in support of making Baltimore a SaferCity with tougher penalties for illegal gun possession:

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For Further Action


Ryan O’Doherty
Director of Policy and Communications
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake
Cell: (410) 818-4269

Sheryl Goldstein
Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice
100 North Holliday Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 396-4950