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Mayor Rawlings-Blake Creates New Food Truck Zones 

New Pilot program establishes designated areas for food truck vendors.

Today, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the creation of a pilot program to encourage food truck vending in Baltimore by establishing designated zones for food truck vendors to operate. In the coming days, The Department of Transportation will add new signage designating reserved parking spaces for food truck operators in the new food truck zones. The zones will provide parking accommodations for food trucks in high-demand areas and allow citizens to know precisely where to access food trucks.

“Baltimore’s food trucks are a unique extension of our diverse local restaurant industry. We must ensure that existing operations are able to thrive and new food truck ventures are encouraged to start,” Mayor Rawlings-Blake said. “I’m very pleased that we are able to create this new pilot initiative, working in cooperation with food truck vendors.”

As part of the pilot program, which will be assessed at the end of the calendar year, certain locations will be marked with signs that state “FOOD TRUCK ZONE, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.” and designate parking for food truck vendors. All food trucks must have Baltimore City food truck vendor permits placed in their window and be clearly identified as a food truck. The following areas will be designated as food truck zones:

  • The 500 block of St. Paul Pl. and St. Paul St., on the east side of the street – one space at each location, for a total of 2 trucks
  • The 1900 block of E. Monument St., on the south side of the street – one truck at this location
  • 500 block of Baltimore St., on the south side of the street – one truck at this location
  • 300 block of S. Charles St., on the west side of the street – one truck at this location
  • 400 block of E. Fayette St., on the north side of the street – three trucks at this location

In addition to the new zones, vendors will be allowed to operate throughout the city in accordance with existing city and state regulations. Street Vendors Board of Baltimore City will proactively work with food truck vendors to bring them into compliance, based on existing applicable rules.

“I could not be happier with the work of Mayor Rawlings-Blake’s administration to work with food truck vendors to promote our business in the city,” Patrick Russell, Owner of Kooper’s Tavern, and operator of Kooper’s Chowhound. “The City of Baltimore is obviously open for business.”

While the pilot program is underway, the Mayor’s Office will conduct a study of best practices and regulations pertaining to all street vending and food trucks in other jurisdictions and solicit additional information from stakeholders to establish a permanent regulatory structure for food truck operations in Baltimore.

The Mayor’s Office will continue to work with local food truck vendors, as well as the Maryland Restaurant Association, to assist in the development of new regulations and fee structures for street vending. All regulations will be developed under the Mayor’s guiding principles for food truck vending: safeguarding public safety and health; respecting ingress/egress to established businesses; addressing pedestrian, traffic, and parking concerns; and promoting entrepreneurship and a vibrant business climate for food truck vendors and local restaurants.

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