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Baltimore Office of Emergency Management Recommends City Residents Prepare for Flooding 

As a result of the heavy rains, Baltimore City is under a flood warning. Heavy rain that has moved into the region will likely cause flooding in low-lying areas and cause streams and creeks to rise out of their banks. City officials are asking residents to monitor conditions in their area and prepare for possible flooding.

City agencies are monitoring areas that are usually prone to flooding, including Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Meadow Mill, and Mount Washington Mill. Due to rising water on the Jones Falls, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and the Fire Department have asked businesses and residents to evacuate the properties at Meadow Mill and Mount Washington Mill.

Residents can also take steps to stay safe and reduce flooding in their area:

  • Clean trash from storm drain inlets. Keeping drains clear of trash and debris is crucial in preventing localized flooding.
  • Avoid parking on top of storm drains. Vehicle tires can prohibit runoff.
  • Report blocked storm drains that cannot be cleared to 311 so that DPW crews can address them.
  • Stay Informed. Monitor the storm on local TV and radio stations, and listen for updates from city officials. Citizens who live along streams or in places that are subject to flooding are especially urged to stay alert and to be prepared to move their vehicles or evacuate.
  • Don’t drive on flooded roads.

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