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Information Technology / Open Baltimore

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Strategic Goal

According to an Open Government Data Benchmark Study, “67.9% of citizens and 92.6% of government employees believe if data is supposed to be public it should be available online”. *

The goal of OpenBaltimore is to provide, to the public, access to City data in an effort that supports government transparency, openness and innovative uses that will help improve the lives of Baltimore residents, visitors and businesses through use of technology. OpenBaltimore will enable the local developer community to develop applications that will hopefully help the city solve problems.

OpenBaltimore Facts

  • Benefits The benefits that OpenBaltimore provide are:
  • Get Involved! Show your civic pride and get involved in Baltimore's transparency initiatives. Collaborate, share and innovate with us!

* Open Government Data Benchmark Study, published by Socrata, Inc. in partnership with SunlightFoundation, Personal Democracy Forum, GovLoop, Code for America and David Eaves.



Chris Tonjes,
Chief Information Officer
401 E. Fayette St.
Baltimore, MD. 21202
(410) 396-MOIT (6648)
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