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Parking Authority / Parking Meters

Since 2004, hundreds of EZ Park Parking Meters have been installed throughout Baltimore City, replacing thousands of single space parking meters.  These kiosks can serve 5-10 vehicles and accept credit cards as well as coins, making it easier for parkers to pay for their parking and avoid a citation. But not every single space parking meter can be replaced with a multi-space EZ Park Meter.  Some blocks have just two or three meters or there isn't enough curb space to place an EZ Park Meter.  At these old single space meters, parkers still had to pay with coins.  Some meters  only accepted certain types of coins, which made it even harder to pay.

Early in 2014, hundreds of new single space parking meters that accept credit cards as well as coins replaced many of the old parking meters throughout Baltimore.  Now, drivers can park in these areas with the same ease and convenience they have grown to enjoy since the debut of EZ Park Meters in 2004.

We hope these new parking meters make it easier for you to enjoy Baltimore, reducing anxiety that a parking citation may be awaiting you on return to your vehicle because you didn't have the right amount of spare change in your wallet or car.

Problems with EZ Park Meters can be reported using our online form below or by calling (443)986-9430 for 24/7 customer service.

Problems with single space meters can be reported by calling (410)396-1881.


You don’t have to feed the meters on these days:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Handicap Parking Policy at EZ Park Meters

If your handicap tag/plate is displayed, you are entitled to park at an on-street parking meter for double the allotted time printed on the face of the meter (not to exceed four hours).

Example: if the meter is a one hour meter, you may park for two hours; if the meter is an four hour meter, you may park for four hours.

Changes to the above policy are coming in Summer, 2014.  Please go to to learn more about Project SPACE.

Parking Ticket Adjudication

Call Bureau of Treasury Management/Collections (410) 396-4080

Parking Ticket Collection

Call Bureau of Treasury Management/Collections (410) 396-4080

Report Problems With A Meter

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