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Baltimore City Charter & Codes

Article I. General Provisions
Article II. General Powers
Article III. City Council
Article IV. Mayor
Article V. Comptroller
Article VI. Board of Estimates
Article VII. Executive Departments
General Provisions
Department of Finance
Board of Finance
Department of Law
Department of Public Works
Fire Department
Department of Health
Department of Social Services
Department of Education
Department of Recreation and Parks
Department of Planning
Department of Municipal and Zoning Appeals
Department of Legislative Reference
Civil Service Commission
Board of Ethics
Article VIII. Franchises
Article IX. Transition Provisions

Subtitle 1. Civic Center
Subtitle 2. Courts
Subtitle 3. Electrical Apparatus and Wiring
Subtitle 4. {Repealed}
Subtitle 5. Harbor
Subtitle 6. Jones' Falls
Subtitle 7. Jurors
Subtitle 8. {Vacant}
Subtitle 9. Landlord and Tenant
Subtitle 10. Markets
Subtitle 11. {Vacant}
Subtitle 12. Off-Street Parking
Subtitle 13. Orphans' Court
Subtitle 14. Parks and Squares
Subtitle 15. {Vacant}
Subtitle 16. Police Department
Subtitle 17. Pratt Free Library
Subtitle 18. Railroads
Subtitle 19. Schools
Subtitle 20. Sewers
Subtitle 21. Streets, Bridges, and Highways
Subtitle 22. Circuit Court for Baltimore City
Subtitle 23. Taxes
Subtitle 24. Fortune Tellers
Subtitle 25. Water Supply and Distribution
Subtitle 26. {Vacant}
Subtitle 27. Enterprise Development Program

Building, Fire, and Related Codes
Health Code
Zoning Code

Article 1. Mayor, City Council, and Municipal Agencies
Article 2. Consumer Protections
Article 3. {Vacant}
Article 4. Community Relations
Article 5. Finance, Property, and Procurement
Article 6. Historical and Architectural Preservation
Article 7. Natural Resources
Article 8. Ethics
Article 9. Fire Suppression and Prevention
Article 10. Harbors, Docks, and Wharves
Article 11. Labor and Employment
Article 12. Municipal Labor Relations
Article 13. Housing and Urban Renewal
Article 14. Special Benefits Districts
Article 15. Licensing and Regulation
Article 16. Markets
Article 17. {Vacant}
Article 18. Educational and Cultural Programs
Article 19. Police Ordinances
Article 20. Railroads
Article 21. {Vacant}
Article 22. Retirement Systems
Article 22A. Retirement Savings Plan
Article 23. Sanitation
Article 24. Water
Article 25. Sewers
Article 26. Surveys, Streets, and Highways
Article 27. Stormwater Fees
Article 28. Taxes
Article 29. {Vacant}
Article 30. {Vacant}
Article 31. Transit and Traffic
Article 32. {Vacant}


Index to Charter and Codes
Glossary of Defined Terms

Last Updated:   08/17/2015

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