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Liquor Board / Application Process

Persons interested in obtaining an alcoholic beverage license must file an application for transfer, for expansion or for a new license with the Board. Under state law, a notice must be conspicuously posted on the property for transfer of ownership, transfer of location, expansion and/or new license for 10 consecutive days. In addition, the Board is required to advertise the application in three papers of general circulation.

When an application for transfer is of ownership only and the establishment is open and operating, the only issue before the Board is the question of fitness of the applicant. The question of public need and accommodation may not be considered by the Board. When the application is for a transfer of location, the premises has been closed for more than 90 days or involves a new license or expansion of an existing license, the question of public need and accommodation must be considered by the Board.

Please use our new application forms for submittal use the links below:


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