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opens new windowBaltimore City Historic District Ordinance 04-815 10/06/2004


Auchentoroly Terrace consists of nine rows of housing, two mansion houses and two duplexes that all face the south side of Druid Hill Park. Built between 1876 (when the Orem and West mansions were built) and the mid 1920s, Auchentoroly Terrace represents an unusually impressive collection of architecture. Built at the height of Victorian sensibility, these rows exemplify grand rowhouse design and a lively, diverse array of architectural details. Framing the southern boundary of Druid Hill Park, the buildings eloquently contrast with the park's open space, a synergistic composition of neighborhood and park.


Auchentoroly Terrace sits on the south side of Druid Hill Park separated from the park by Swann Drive. The area was first owned by George Buchanan around 1723, according to a biography on Admiral Franklin Buchanan written by Charles Lee. He named it Auchentorolie after his home in Scotland. Today's Druid Hill Park area was also part of the Auchentorolie estate. In 1856 Lloyd Nicholas Rogers, great grandson of George Buchanan, sold 33 ½ acres to John Morris Orem, a Baltimore dry goods magnate; and in 1860 Rogers sold Druid Hill to the City. Mr. Orem then built a large summer estate and named it Auchentoroly in tribute of the Buchanan estate (which by this time was known as Druid Hill). In 1876 Orem built two other mansions on Auchentoroly Terrace and gave them to his son William Morris Orem and his son-in-law William West. Today, these are apartment houses. In 1912, Park School resided in William Morris Orem's old mansion at 3436 Auchentoroly Terrace. The school was one of the first in Baltimore to integrate the classroom with Jewish and Christian students. The other mansion house is 3442 Auchentoroly Terrace and has been an apartment house. By 1896, houses on the 2700-3000 blocks of Auchentoroly Terrace were constructed. Between 1896 and 1906, the 3100-3300 blocks of Auchentoroly Terrace were built, and between 1906 and 1914, most of the 3400 block of Auchentoroly Terrace was built. The 3400 block was completely built up by the 1920s when two duplex were built.