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Planning / Planning Commission / Posting Requirements

Rules and Regulations

On April 21, 2005, the Baltimore City Planning Commission voted to adopt a Posting Program and stipulated that the Posting Program be officially added to the Baltimore City Planning Commission Rules and Regulations. Additionally, the Posting Program is to become effective 30 days after its adoption. This means that Posting Program will be implemented starting June 1, 2005.

Listed below, in outline form, are the Rules and Requirements for the Planning Commission’s Posting Program:

  • All applicants will be required to post properties that are the subject of a Planning Commission action
  • Posting will only be required for site-specific projects.
  • Postings must be located in a prominent location at the front of the subject property or properties. If a property has frontage on more that one street applicant may be required by the Planning Department to post more than one sign
  • Posting shall be in place seven days before the Planning Commission meeting for which the action is scheduled and remain in place through the meeting date.
  • Consent Agenda items will not be posted.
  • If, for whatever reason, the applicant does not or is unable to post the property or posts the property late, the Planning Commission will reserve the right to postpone action on the matter or rescind approval of the matter.
  • Applicants must submit a photo bearing a time and date stamp as evidence of this requirement being met.
  • The “Specifications for Announcement Posting” provides the applicant with the posting specifications, copy is attached.
  • Applicants will be instructed to post by Planning Department Staff and given posting instructions ten days before the Planning Commission meeting.
  • Any questions may be addressed by calling (410) 396-4488.

Size & Dimensions

All Announcement Signs should be constructed at a size no less than: 30 inches in width, 40 inches in height and sized no greater than: 4 feet in width, 5 feet in height.


To save time and money while ensuring print quality, the Announcement Signage template will be provided in easy-touse formats. These will be provided by the Planning Department.


The fonts to be used in the production of any Announcement signage is: arial bold for the main headline, and arial for the remaining body copy. These fonts are an operating standard for an abundance of Baltimore City signs and related materials. The main body font size should not be below 20 point or exceed 40 point at any time. The hearing event size should not be below 30 point or above 50 point.


All usage colors should be accurate to the model. The central yellow should accurately match Baltimore City Yellow: PMS 123 CVU The central black is 100% black from the CMYK scale [cyan, magenta, yellow, black]. The central gray is 80% of the black previously mentioned.


All signs must be composed of weatherproof materials sufficient to ensure the sign will last for the required 7 day period. Corrugated vinyl and polyurethane banner are acceptable.

*Note: No color variations or alterations reflecting a specific departmental selection, mimicking a logo or other preferences is permitted. Grayscale printing is acceptable only when color production is not an option.

Posting Requirements Downloads

Notice Sign 30x401.31 MB
Notice 36x481.33 MB


Department of Planning
Thomas J. Stosur, Director
417 E. Fayette Street
8th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 396-7526 (PLAN)
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