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Historical archive commemorating 150 years of service by the men and women of the BCFD

On May 2, 2011 the Baltimore City Fire Department released its first History Pictorial commemorating 150 years of service by the men and women of the Baltimore City Fire.

In May 2009 the Baltimore City Fire Department and M.T. Publishing Company, Inc joined forces to create an all new color pictorial-style history book that would pay tribute to the men and women of the Department. This book has drawn on exclusive photos culled from the library of the Public Information Office (PIO), departmental archives and those submitted by the membership.

The book features a formal greeting by Governor Martin O’Malley State of Maryland, salutations from former Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon and congratulatory letters from former City Council President and now Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. The book also opens with an introductory letter from Fire Chief James Clack depicting the former days of the department and the commemoration of 150 years of service to the citizens of Baltimore. This commemorative edition chronicles major fires and events only synonymous to the City of Baltimore like the Great Baltimore Fire of 1904. It culminates the history of Baltimore, suburbanization, ordinance establishing a paid fire department all highlighted through live action and personnel photos, individual firefighter/paramedic memories, line of duty deaths, statistics and other monumental occasions. Additionally, the pictorial highlights historical data that recalls the inception of the Baltimore City Fire Department dating back to the volunteer days, as well as photos of all existing fire stations, special teams and
affiliate organizations.

Although challenging, the Public Information Office (PIO) single handedly took on the task of compiling archives, data, coordinating personnel photos sessions, historical fire service facts and events, as well as performed research to verify information. A great deal of attention, time and talent was committed to the preparation of making this pictorial one that would greatly reflect the renaissance of Baltimore City and the rich history of the world renowned Baltimore City Fire Department.

To increase the amount of content that could be displayed, the Public Information Office (PIO) requested that member’s submit special story telling photos and their personal accounts.

This pictorial-style book features 192 color pages capturing monumental events and activities about the Baltimore City Fire Department. The pictorial tells the history of the fire department from the 1800’s up to 2008 which is when the department celebrated its 150th Anniversary Celebration. It also features photos of all former fire Chiefs of the Department and the current organizational structure.

The Baltimore City Fire Department was proud to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the paid department with an official citywide ceremony that took place on July 25, 2009 at 4:00 p.m. at 100 N. Gay Street at the War Memorial Plaza.

M.T. Publishing was committed to bringing this project fruition, making it one that all members would be proud of. Before the project was completed and to make certain that everyone had an opportunity to purchase M.T. extended the deadline for placing orders.

We commend the fire department’s Public Information Office (PIO) for their tireless efforts to man such a project and bring it to fruition.

Any fire department members, retirees, fire buffs or those who support the fire service that wishes to purchase a copy, please contact M.T. publishing at 1-888-263-4702 for additional information.

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