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Baltimore City Employee's Retirement Systems

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The Board of Trustees and staff are committed to protecting and prudently investing member assets, and providing accurate and timely retirement benefits with quality service to members and beneficiaries.


Ms. Roselyn H. Spencer, Executive Director (443) 984-3180
Ms. Donna S. Bowen, Special Assistant (443) 984-3180
Ms. Bernita Y. Kittrell, Deputy Director (443) 984-3180
Ms. Mozella B. Chase, Benefits Manager (443) 984-3200
Ms. Germaine D. Hughes, Benefits Analyst Supervisor (443) 984-3200

Investment Advisor

Ms. Nichole Roman-Bhatty, Marquette Associates, Inc.


Employee Retirement Systems
7 E. Redwood St .
12 & 13th Floors Baltimore, MD 21202

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